Refill perfume pack for our current The Ritual of Happy Buddha fragrances sticks. The bottle is made of recyclable glass which contributes to a better environment. Give your interior a refined fragrance accent with Cedar Wood and the refreshing aroma of Sweet Orange. Works for around 3 months. Always use new sticks with every new perfume. . Order now from the official webshop.

The zesty, spicy, fresh yet sweet fragrance of Sweet Orange boosts your mood and energy levels. In China, the colour orange symbolises gold. Thus offering someone an orange is equivalent to wishing them happiness and prosperity. The majestic cedar tree provides shade and shelter to ancient Japanese temples and palaces. The evergreen trees are a symbol of fortitude and immortality. The pure, aromatic essential oil of Cedar has a stimulating woody fragrance.

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Refill or replace the empty glass bottle with the refill. Arrange fresh sticks into the bottle and wash hands if they've come in contact with the liquid. Turning the sticks isn't necessary.

Refill Fragrance Sticks The Ritual of Happy Buddha