An elegant fragrant hair & body mist with a distinctive Oriental character. Spray on your skin & hair. Enriched with the rich and sweet scent of oudh and patchouli, surround yourself with a cloud of rich and smoky aromas. The cosmetic formula contains no alcohol and is therefore suitable for use on (sensitive) skin. Insider's tip: Our hair & body mist is the best way to prolong the exquisite fragrance of The Ritual of Oudh foaming shower gel.  Order now from the official webshop.
Patchouli is considered a very important ingredient in many love potions in India. This is not really surprising when you consider the sultry tones of musk and earth that conjure up something deeply sensual.

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Spray this mist over your hair and skin for a lovely, head-to-toe scent.

Hair & Body Mist The Ritual of Oudh