Like you, this mousse is more than meets the eye. Its unique crackling and cooling effect chills you out while it hydrates and moisturises your skin. Simply massage it into your skin and feel it cool you down. Refreshing, soothing and fun for all the senses. Keep your skin super chilled after being out in the sun and leave it gorgeously scented with lovely White Lily and delcious Peach Flower. Order now from the official webshop.
PINK GRAPEFRUIT Known as the "fruit of paradise," thanks to its health-boosting properties, Pink Grapefruit is a truly trendy, super fresh ingredient filled with vitality. It contains both refreshing and clarifying properties for a gorgeous complexion. WHITE LILY White Lily is a symbol of purity of innocence, thanks to its the important role it played in Greek and Roman mythology. The complex, aromatic notes of the White Lily provide a rich, warm and mysterious scent.

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Get crackling by massaging into your skin, leaving your whole body feeling silky soft. After your shower, massage a dollop of the mousse onto dry skin for a superbly scented and moisturised skin.

Crackling Body Mousse The Ritual of Holi