Treat your clothes and bed linen to the ultimate sensorial fragrance experience with our scent booster & softener in 1 from The Ritual of Karma. Featuring a longer lasting, sweet and floral scent of holy lotus and white tea. The gentle booster & softener can be used with all detergents and all types of fabrics, lasting around 30 washing cycles. Just add 25-35 ml to your machine's dispenser drawer and start the preferred programme. Your items will emerge clean, soft and smelling of relaxing florals. Order now from the official webshop.Order now from the official webshop.
Holy Lotus White Tea

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Add 25-35 ml to the detergent and place the cap into the machine or or place the cap inside on top of your clothes. Start the preffered program on the machine. Your clothing will come out clean, soft and with a flourishing, relaxing smell. Please read the instructions on the packaging carefully before use to determine the amount of the Scent Booster & Softener.

Scent Booster & Softener in 1 The Ritual of Karma