Take all the guesswork out of the perfect brow and create a beautifully natural look with this 2-in-1 automatic eyebrow pencil in blonde. It fills and shapes the brows, with a creamy and soft texture that makes it easy to apply. The brush, featuring both a flat edge and a pointed one, is perfect for both blending and styling the brows. It is enriched with sapphire and its mild formula contains no parabens or perfume. Order now from the official webshop.
The ultimate skin jewellery: Sapphire symbolises devotion and loyalty, and stimulates the third eye, which is said to be responsible for strong intuition. In our make-up, Sapphire makes your eyes sparkle and shine.

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Shape brows with brush, apply pencil & brush again to blend and shape. Use wide tip for beginning, pointy tip for arch.

Miracle 2-In-1 Eyebrow Pencil - Blond The Ritual of Cleopatra