A creamy and long-lasting eyeshadow stick. The Miracle Long-lasting eyeshadow stick glides on effortlessly, delivering a long-lasting look for up to 8 hours. It does not smudge or crease and combines beautifully with other eyeshadows (both creamy or powder). Create everything from natural to more sophisticated looks. All Miracle Long-lasting Eyeshadow sticks are enriched with ruby, contain no parabens or perfume and are dermatologically tested. Show us your look on Instagram and tag @RitualsCosmetics. Order now from the official webshop.

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Apply on the entire eyelid, or lash line, for a natural look. Layer over other eyeshadows for a more intense look.

Miracle Longlasting Eyeshadow Stick - Sand Shimmer The Ritual of Cleopatra