Show respect for nature and respect for your skin with this eco-chic refill for your restoring night balm. It fits perfectly in your luxurious jar and contains the same unique melting texture that transforms from a balm into a gentle oil-gel, working its magic overnight when the skin is most receptive. It helps to improve mature skin's firmness and elasticity while you sleep, leaving the skin supple, full of youthful radiance, and free from visible signs of fatigue. Its calming scent also soothes the soul and promotes ultimate relaxation before going to sleep. Order now from the official webshop.
Gotu Kola

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Before bed, warm a small amount between your palms to turn it into an oil. Apply to a clean face and neck and massage gently in circular motions. Refill: press the empty cup upwards to remove. Insert the new refill and press until you hear a click.

Restoring Night Balm Refill The Ritual of Namaste