Add The Ritual of Ayurveda rich body oil to your daily skincare routine for an ultra-nourishing treatment. The luxurious formula contains three Ayurvedic oils which are especially well-known for their intensely nourishing benefits, such as nourishing sweet almond oil, moringa oil for its anti-inflammatory properties and hydrating coconut oil. The rich body oil offers deep and instant hydration and keeps the skin soft and protected. It’s the ultimate remedy for everyone in need of a skin-nurturing treatment – if you've got very dry skin – and it's especially lovely for those cold winter months when our bodies could use some extra love and moisturisation. This rich body oil with 97% ingredients of natural origin is carefully curated to benefit your skin optimally. The remaining 3% are clean & conscious lab-made ingredients which support the integrity and safety of our formulations. Order now from the official webshop.
Indian Rose,Sweet Almond Oil

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Regular use results in supple, smooth (soft) skin that appears more radiant. Warm the oil between your hands and gently massage the rich formula onto your body.

Rich Body Oil The Ritual of Ayurveda Rich Body Oil