Discover a stylish way to fragrance your home with these enchanting fragrance sticks. Enrich your home and soul with an unforgettable drydown of longlasting woody accords and powdery amber notes, surrounding a pure mix of green and zesty nuances. The warm fragrance is enriched with a floral bouquet that creates a soft and elegant heart. It’s not necessary to turn the sticks over for a fragrant experience, though it’s recommended if you prefer a more intense one. Enjoy the warm and long-lasting fragrance in any room, for up to 3 months. Order now from the official webshop.
Sacred Oils Elixir ,

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Arrange sticks in bottle. Turning sticks may affect how long they last. Wash hands with soap & water if you touch them.

Serendipity Fragrance Sticks The Ritual of Serendipity Fragrance Sticks