Top off your Holi awesome routine with this sparkalicious body mist. Spray this addictively sweet scent and let your inner sparkle shine through. Soothing flamingo flower and fresh pink grapefruit throw a party for your skin, putting a smile on your face the entire day. Order now from the official webshop.

Flamingo Flower Flamingo Flower Is A Symbol Of Beauty And Is Well Known For Its Soothing And Purifying Properties. Pink Grapefruit Known As The "Fruit Of Paradise," Thanks To Its Health-Boosting Properties, Pink Grapefruit Is A Truly Trendy, Super Fresh Ingredient Filled With Vitality. It Contains Both Refreshing And Clarifying Properties For A Gorgeous Complexion.

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Spray this mist on your hair, skin or textiles for a lovely, head-to-toe scent. The alochol-free formula will not leave stains.

Sparkling Body Mist The Ritual of Holi