Luxurious fragrance sticks based on Bergamot Tea. A natural and stylish way to fragrance your home. Will last for around five months. Bergamot oil has a fresh, fruity, citrus smell and has a soothing and relaxing effect
Linalool, Tetramethyl Acetyloctahydronaphthalenes, Dihydro Pentamethylindanone, 2,2,6-Trimethyl-Α-Propylcyclohexanepropanol, Coumarin, Damascenone, Limonene, Pin-2(10)-Ene.

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Arrange the elegant, natural sticks in the perfume-filled bottle. The formula ensures it is not necessary to turn the sticks. However for an extra perfume experience, you may turn the sticks as needed, taking care to wash your hands afterwards with soap and water. Replace the sticks after 2.5 months with the additional set supplied. Note: if you turn the sticks a lot it is possible that they may last shorter than 5 months.

Tangerine Tea Fragrance Sticks Private Collection