Created by world's best perfumers and inspired by their journeys into the Orient.. Evoke the fragrant world of a lush oasis hidden in the wilderness of ancient Arabia. Invigorating vetiver and green patchouli fuse effortlessly with the fresh coolness of spring water and a woody hint of fresh oak. A perfume that is as elusive as the desert wind..
Alcohol Denat. Parfum/ Fragrance Aqua/ Water Hexyl Cinnamal Limonene Citronellol Linalool Hydroxycitronellal Butylphenyl Methylpropional Geraniol Citral Benzyl Benzoate

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Spray this perfume on your skin or textiles for a lovely, head-to-toe scent. The alochol-free formula will not leave stains.

Travel - Oasis Verte Oriental Essences