A drink bottle with beautiful gemstones which enliven your water in a special way. Since ancient times, gemstones have been known for their unique energy charge. This bottle has a gemstone combination which helps you improve your daily tap or filtered water using the energy from the gemstones. A unique and gorgeous way to stay hydrated. These unique gemstones are designed to transform your water and to support your mind, body and & soul. Rock crystal is known for its energy giving and purifying effects. In general, it is said that rock crystal strengthens the body’s self-healing ability
Holy lotus is a symbol of purity, beauty and wisdom and is known for its soothing and caring properties. Organic white tea is a lightly oxidized tea grown and harvested primarily in China. More recently, it is grown in eastern Nepal, northern Thailand, southern Sri Lanka and India. White tea lends our perfume a fresh, clean and green fragrance with a slight flowery accord. White tea is said to sharpen the senses.

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Fill the drink bottle containing the gemstone combination with water and leave for at least half an hour. The water can be drunk directly from the bottle and has a mild to strong effect. Leaving it for longer is fine, but always refresh the water within 24 hours.

Water Bottle The Ritual of Karma